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“We are the North American company that imports and distributes to the stores, aquariums, zoos, theme parks, resorts and more....”
One of life’s big surprises One of life’s big surprises
Our pearls are grown for 3 to 5 years in Asia. Pearl farms grow oysters on the bottom of rice fields or right alongside of them. The oysters help keep the water pure and clean. When the oyster is very young a “slit” is made inside the oyster to make the oyster want to “heal” itself. The oyster then excretes nacre like a “Band-Aid” that becomes the pearl. When the oyster has lived its lifespan, the oyster is then harvested and x-rayed for a pearl, which could be one of many colors, so you never know what color you are getting.  Our company is the North American distributor and designer of “Mystic Pearls tm” sometimes called “Love “ or  “Wish” pearls. Our designs are exclusive to our company. We have a large sales force and a dynamic graphic arts studio with a web design firm as one of our sister companies, WebPowerPros tm.   Our  product is the best in quality. A silver pendant with an 18" Chain that is copper with shinning silver plated Rhodium,[Rhodium-( (pronounced /'ro?di?m/) is a chemical element that is a rare, silvery-white hard transition metal and a member of the platinum group. Rhodium is found in platinum ores and is used in alloys with platinum and as a catalyst. It is abbreviated in the periodic table to Rh and has atomic number 45. It is typically the most expensive precious metal ) [NOT nickel or white karat as some companies sell. The nickel ones will turn your neck green. the white karat turns your neck black ]
Direct Import Company;  we sell retail or wholesale Don’t Be Fooled ... There are cheap imitators!

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