Sometimes its fun to take a trip and just... Go with the flow. But while that mentality may work for some, i feel like i leave those trips wishing i would have known about this place or this event that i missed out on. Back in the fall, i took an impromptu 5-day trip to Georgia. The first two nights were spent in Savannah. I was blown away. Savannah is the town you seen in every Nicholas Sparks movie that you always wished existed. The downtown area is splattered in canopy of swinging moss covered branches. All the buildings are a well woven mix of southern charm and an eclectic art-lifestyle. We booked a hotel a few miles away from downtown and brought our gravity boards (long skateboards for the not so sportsy) along for the trip. We assumed we could easily ride downtown and then just enjoy the array of places to eat downtown. Fast forward to day three (the drive to Atlanta day): We were in a full on romance with Savannah, but could only think of all the places and things we would want to do next time. So much time wasted trying to pick a place to eat only to discover it was only open during a different time, or it needed a reservation, or that it just was better for a sitting outside/inside. And to top it off, there were no sidewalks near us to take us from the drab of midtown thru the time warp to downtown. So we had to drive back and forth. I could go on for a good hour describing how every choice we made were disastrous, but ill spare you.

Before I knew it Spring was here and work gave me the chance for a do over. From the moment i realized i could could go back, i planned. I searched the web far and wide and planned a week in Savannah like no other. For every single moment i had a place to be or thing to see. I'd like to call it a guide. We could choose to sit in the park and do nothing all day, but if we decided "Hey, lets go get some grub!" or "Hey, lets go see something!" we had a guide to tell us what our options were. We wanted to be assured that we'd get the maximum enjoyment per minute (MEMP). So without further ado, may i present my Savannah MEMP Guide.